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Can this be used outside RPG Maker?

Sadly, no.

Great work, thank you!


This is incredible, and beautiful! This is what I am looking for! You see, I am kinda bad at making world maps, because when I sketch out something like this, it is always smaller than I expect. Even worse, making rivers and islands is torture for me. I am making a game similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Thanks! ;)

- Brent

You're welcome. Hope you project turns out amazing.

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Your map style is really amazing, I am kinda OCD and making stuff look... random is very hard for me, heh. I love this and plan on studying it extensively.  Thank you Ladyluck Sama. 

Edit: Was going to ask how much you might charge to have a map like this commissioned and then I read that it took you 40 hours! A labor of love, indeed. If you are open to the idea feel free to toss out a quote, however. I go by the same name on the RPG Maker site, btw.  It's funny, I've been modding and making mods for Bethesda games for a while and I picked up right away what this map reminded me of and then I read that your inspiration was Skyrim, good stuff. I am currently pondering the logistics of making a game similar to Oblivion with the RPG Maker system and was looking for just the right world map style. =)

Thank you so much for the feedback! Making this map was truly a labor of love. I would totally be open to create another one but as you can imagine, it would take a while. Hit me up on my personal email and we can talk more about a comission. You can plan together and make a good deal. ;)

love it,  gonna use it hopefully. thanks though for making it.

Thank you for the feedback. I hope you do an amazing project with it.

Wow thank you for this.

Greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the feedback and download! :)