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Can i edit this map for my commercial games?


You sure can. ;)


that's good!

I want to notice you if i made any change, send screenshot of my edit and maybe ask for suggestions

so ... can i add your discord if you have it? my id is Ryan Ye#9728

Sent you and invite.



I have just started using RPG Maker and found this map, I love it it looks so good and would love to use it.

But when I download the file there is just a .json file inside and dont know how to get it in RPG Maker.. can some one please help?


I get a .rar file and have no idea how to get it in game.

The .json file is what Rpg Maker uses internally to load the map into a project. Search for "how to import a map in RPG Maker MV" and you'll find plenty of guides on how to do it.

Can this be used outside RPG Maker?

Sadly, no.

Great work, thank you!



This is incredible, and beautiful! This is what I am looking for! You see, I am kinda bad at making world maps, because when I sketch out something like this, it is always smaller than I expect. Even worse, making rivers and islands is torture for me. I am making a game similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Thanks! ;)

- Brent

You're welcome. Hope you project turns out amazing.

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Your map style is really amazing, I am kinda OCD and making stuff look... random is very hard for me, heh. I love this and plan on studying it extensively.  Thank you Ladyluck Sama. 

Edit: Was going to ask how much you might charge to have a map like this commissioned and then I read that it took you 40 hours! A labor of love, indeed. If you are open to the idea feel free to toss out a quote, however. I go by the same name on the RPG Maker site, btw.  It's funny, I've been modding and making mods for Bethesda games for a while and I picked up right away what this map reminded me of and then I read that your inspiration was Skyrim, good stuff. I am currently pondering the logistics of making a game similar to Oblivion with the RPG Maker system and was looking for just the right world map style. =)

Thank you so much for the feedback! Making this map was truly a labor of love. I would totally be open to create another one but as you can imagine, it would take a while. Hit me up on my personal email and we can talk more about a comission. You can plan together and make a good deal. ;)

love it,  gonna use it hopefully. thanks though for making it.

Thank you for the feedback. I hope you do an amazing project with it.

Wow thank you for this.

Greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the feedback and download! :)