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Take a look of my buiding process for making organic looking maps in RPG Maker MV. I'm calling this one Astrea, an earth-like planet that I made from scratch directly on the software's editor using only the default resource. In this video, I go over the whole base geography of the map, with a lot of refining and fine-tuning along the away, I find the process very therapeutical. Later, I'll be filling it up with mountains, kingdoms and beyond. Hope you enjoy!

You can download the JSON file below and import it to your project to use it, no need for credit, all donations appreciated. You must own RPG Maker MV to use it and it can only be using inside the software, be aware of that.


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I recently tried to make a large RPG game made with RPG MAKER MV. I want to hire you to draw a map for me, and I will pay a price that is suitable for both parties. Please contact me if you are interested, thank you!

nice work!

thx for the lesson

That is beautiful.

Very well done!

This map looks wonderful!  By chance, do you have any advice for making large world maps that look balanced?

You should look for a lot of references and practice. Once you get a hang of making the shapes of the continents organic, you can play around and make the map anyway you desire. Fantasy maps don't have to realistic, they just need to feel organic.

Very nice. I'd like to see the complete vision.

It will be done. It just takes far more time than just the base geography and I was itching to share it online. Filling it up will take upwards of ten hours.

Very amazing, good work! :D