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So, I’ve been working on these for a while and it has been a long journey for me to get here, so here we go. I managed to recreate and upscale the (almost) all original Paper Mario Item and badge Icons using a vector graphics software (namely Corel Draw). I tried to keep the items as close to the original sprites as possible, but you can only do so much looking at the shapes they were trying to convey using pixel art. It took a lot fidgeting around to get them to work the way I wanted and I allowed myself to have some artistic freedom to reinterpret some icons (like changing the shape, color and shading in some cases) and I also looked at references from other Paper Mario games to get a better view for certain recurring items in the franchise.

This download has the items fitted in a 48x48 bounding box for people who want to work with them in RPG Maker MV.


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paper mario itemsheet48x48.png 524 kB


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Thank you so much for making this! These are really high quality and I was planning on making my own to use in game. What is the use license for this, do I just need to credit you in-game? Any other requirements? Thank you again!

No need to credit me, but I'd appreciante if you could mention my page or share it around with friends. These icons are remade to match the official art from Nintendo so, for all intends and purposes, this is their copyright. Use it in your own terms for personal projects and fan projects, but remember to refer to Nintendo as copyright owners.